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9 11 10 - Summary

To people who might be thinking of starting the fic, but want to know more than can be gleaned from the summary ...

I'm attached to that vague summary at AO3 for two reasons. First, and relatively inconsequential, is just nostalgia + my own amusement: when posting there, and when the system told me: is too long, pls sum up, I had no idea what to write (summaries tend to be my bête noire.) So I copied and pasted the last few lines of the prologue - and I still like them.

The second is that I wanted the reader to be in the same position as Charles at the fic's beginning: dropped into a new environment, with little to no idea of what's going on - and with danger getting revealed ... slowly. Goodness knows there's quite a bit more plot to go at this point, though, so if you are not sure whether to invest a lot of your time starting a really long fic, then perhaps the following will help.

(Taken, with permission and thanks, from Tahariel.)


The world of "Nine Eleven Ten" has been torn to pieces in World War Three and put back together badly. In 1969, when the mysterious Takers come to Oxford, Professor Charles Xavier sacrifices himself by revealing his mutant power to save his sister Raven. He is claimed by the White Queen, Emma Frost - leader of the "Eastern Brethren and Sistren" - and taken back to her kingdom in part of what used to be the United States.

Kept in an old mansion used for training new recruits to fight for the kingdom, Charles attracts the attention of the mysterious beast-like man who lives there ... and who falls in love with Charles but has no human standards of behaviour or morality.


The original prompt for the fic - over at the now-defunct 1stclass_kink, was prompted by aleapandfly as follows:

I'm not sure if this has been done, but every fandom seems to have that one AU that's loosely based off of Beauty and the Beast. I'm not talking about making Erik disfigured or cursed or anything, but more of some alternate universe where Erik as perceived as this big villain (and maybe he is? the darker, the better!) or maybe he's just really, really misunderstood. Anyway, Charles would trade places with someone being held prisoner by Erik (could be a random person, or could be Raven). 

And perhaps some where along the lines Erik really, really wants to sway and impress Charles and tends to fail miserably (he's super powerful and has a very short temper, after all!) Maybe they start coming to an understanding/grow close after the two save each other -- which would be the wolves in the woods from BatB. And if you wanted to up the conflict, well there's always Shaw or Stryker who may want to go after Erik for whatever reason.

Could be dystopian, or it could be just some fantasy/fairy tale setting. As stated, would prefer it to be a bit dark, with dubcon as well, but overall Erik/Charles. and multi chaptered stories are love<3


Here are the warnings in full: AU - dystopia/post-apocalyptic, graphic depictions of violence, rape/noncon, dubcon, torture, psychological torture, abuse, war crimes, nuclear winter, recreational drug use, and (starting in Part IV) major character death.


And my final warning, from all the way back in September of 2011 - "I have been known to be a wee bit pretentious, and extra-heavy on italics, the em-dash, and Symbolism. :P Just thought you should know. Also: v. v. slow buildup. Epic slow."

If that grates on you already ... sorry? Oh, wait:

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